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The Circle of Kitty Love

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The Circle of Kitty Love is a way for us to recognize all of our wonderful donors by establishing levels of giving that you can attain through donations of any kind.

They can be recurring, occasional or one-time only donations and can consist of cash, food, supplies or other needs as shown on our Amazon Wish List.

The Circle of Kitty Love

Regardless of how often or what you donate, you are included in our Circle of Kitty Love! These are “giving levels” which recognize your cumulative donations of cash or goods. The more you give, the higher in the Circle of Kitty Love you’ll climb!

Each Circle of Kitty Love has a "spokes-cat." At the end of each year, you'll receive a card sent from the appropriate spokes-cat with love and gratitude, that acknowledges the Circle of Kitty Love you've achieved during that year. The various Circles are listed below with the dollar amounts.

All Existing Sponsors will automatically be included in our Circle of Kitty Love. Your continued support is the foundation of our mission and we cherish each of you. You will continue to be our only individual Kitty sponsors and supporters. Your kitties are yours for life.

One Time Donation of cash or food/supplies:    DONATE 


Recurring, monthly donations:

Set up a recurring, monthly cash donation:      DONATE 

Donate food or supplies monthly:    DONATE 


Special Donations:

Donate stock or securities:    DONATE 

Make a Memorial or Tribute donation:  DONATE 

Planned Giving:          DONATE 

PLEASE NOTE: FHKR will need a copy of your receipt for any donation of food, supplies or the like in order for us to track your giving level (we do NOT track this information for purposes of IRS tax deductions; YOU are responsible for keeping that information yourself). Be sure to include receipts for any postage you paid!

The Circle of Kitty Love

These are the various donation levels, and the spokes-cats that represent them.

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Dollar Amount

up to $99

$100 to $249

$250 to $499

$500 to $999

$1,000 to $2,499

$2,500 to $4,999

$5,000 to $9,999

$10,000 and up

Circle of Kitty Love

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